Slitter rewinder Goebel, year 1971


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About Slitter rewinder Goebel, year 1971

Slitter rewinder Goebel
Year: 1971
Max working width: 1300 mm
Min. cut width: 25 mm
Speed: 350 m/min
Mechanical speed: 250 m/min
Max parent reel dia: 1400 mm
Finished reel dia: 820 mm
Materials: paper, neutral cardboard, laminates, aluminium, laminated printed with grammage from 30 to 300 gsm. Ideal for cutting thin paper (tissue) from 30-40 gr up to strong cardboard of 150-180 gr.
Equipped with 4 shafts of 76, 150 mm, and 2 of 70 mm
Will be supplied with a huge number of blades ready to be used (about 300 )
It is predisposed with FIFE for the cutting in register of the machine but now it is not in use and it is necessary to order photocell to work in register
Machine is currently dismantled and there is no nameplate

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About Slitter rewinder Goebel, year 1971

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