Saldoflex MODULA 2013/S – NON STOP welding machine, year 2017

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About Saldoflex MODULA 2013/S – NON STOP welding machine, year 2017

Saldoflex MODULA 2013/S – NON STOP welding machine
Year: 2017
New servo driven electronic
For the production of bottom sealed bags and T-shirt bags up to four lines
New table model “ MF/2-1350 – 4P ” for piling and collecting bags equipped with 4 hydraulic punching press to cut full automatically handles t-shirt bags width: 1700 mm
Max roll dia: 1300 mm
Maximum film lines no. 4.
Slit sealer knife by nickel chrome no. 3.
Maximum mechanical speed: 150 mt/min
Maximum welding film thickness with slit|seal 80 microns.
Paint colour machine white and grey (if not requested differently)
Min bag length: 330 mm
Max bag length: with NON-STOP device 700 mm, with PAUSE device 1200 mm
Max welding width: 1350 mm
Min welding thickness: 0,010 mm HDPE, 0,015 mm LDPE
Max total welding thickness: 0,320 mm
Speed machine 280 cycles/min
Punches mm: 4×100, 4×150, 6×180, 3×200, 3×220, 2×240
One single unwind station
Hydraulic system for lifting rolls from the floor. (shaft-less system)
Automatic film tension control by multiple vertical dancing roller equipment and motorized
Rubber wheels
Automatic machine stop at end of film roll and with film break
Horizontal manual hydraulic positioning of roll
Electric power supply 400 Volts, 50 HZ – 3 phases + earth wires
Total electric power installed 6 kW
Min. air compressed pressure ATE 6
Air compressed consumption NL/1’ 50
Net weight: approx. 1500 kg
With new in line flexo printer stack type Filippini&Paganini 8 colors model “In line Flexol“ type 1600×1200
Number of printing stations: 8
Printing possibilities 8 + 0 / 7 + 1 / 6 + 2 / 5 + 3 / 4 + 4
Min-max printing width: 800 -1600 mm
Max web width: 1700 mm
Min-max printing length: 400 – 1200 mm
Mechanical speed: 160 mt/min
Printing speed: up to 150 m.p.m. depending on the type and quality of materials to print, solvent inks, lacquers, printing, repeat length, plates, graphic design, ink coverage and colour overlay, required printing quality, speed of the bag-making machine, etc.
Thickness of the adhesive tape for the plate: 0,55 mm
Photo-polymeric print plate thickness: 1,14 mm
Anilox: 4×100, 4×120
Rubber inking rollers diameter mm. 142
Standard printing pitch gears circular 1 cm Pitch
Solvent and water base inks
Material to be printed: LDPE and LLDPE: film thickness: 20 à 80 micron x 2 or 4, HDPE: film thickness: 10 à 80 micron x 2 or 4.
Corona treatment: min. 38 dyn|cm
The machine is in perfect condition, regularly serviced
Visible in production
Immediately available

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About Saldoflex MODULA 2013/S – NON STOP welding machine, year 2017

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