Systec Mod. VP100 C-12000, year 2004

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About Systec Mod. VP100 C-12000, year 2004

Cliché mounting plate device
Systec  (Italy)
Mod. VP100 C-12000
year 2004
Max working width: 1000 mm
2 cameras
Repeat: 800 – 1200 mm
Telecamera: automatic
Cylinder: automatic
Monitor : LCD 17″
Second remote control camera
Visualisation of the quotes 2 cameras encoder
Visualtzaton of the cylinder , absolute encoder
Electrical motorisation of 2 cameras with remote control
Cylinder electrical motorisation
Pedal for the rotation of the cylinder
Pneumatic lifter for cylinder (included mandrel)
Mobile cart
no. 2 pneumatic pistons  for the lifting of the cylinder
Vacuum in front and back
Software virtual image
Software advanced
Software barcode


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About Systec Mod. VP100 C-12000, year 2004

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