Uteco Topaz 608, model 130, year 2014


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About Uteco Topaz 608, model 130, year 2014

Uteco Topaz 608
Model 13
Year: 2014
13.962 working hours and 138.392.440 m only!
      6 colors (6+0)
      Max print width: 1320 mm
      Max passage web: 1350 mm
      Print repeat: min-max: 350-850 mm
    Mechanical speed: 250 m/min. Can be extended max to 300 m/min
      Water-based inks
      Ink system: closed chamber doctor blades
      The machine is explosion-proof
     Shaftless unwinder and rewinder SAC-R- 1500 for paper and cardboard
      The maximum diameter is 1500 mm.
      The minimum permissible roll diameter is 450 mm.
      Unwinder control panel
      Reel lifting system
      Pneumatic pumps: 6 pcs
      Paint trays: 6 pcs
      LEL control by NIRA
      Grafikontrol camera
      Drying system electrical
      OPG web edge control system (on the operator’s side)
      Materials: paper 70-100g/cm2, cardboard – up to 350g/cm2
      Tear off materials: 5-80 kg.
     The total thickness of the cliche (1.14 +0.56 mm.) The actual thickness of the tape can be up to 0.56 mm.
      No cliche mounting plate device
      Shafts for printing sleeve 6 pcs.
      Non-antistatic sleeves Rossini: The available print repeat sleeves are: 580 mm. (1 set) OR 600 mm. (1 set)
      Reinforced sleeve slot 6 pcs.
      hafts for anilox sleeve 6 pcs., outer diameter approx. 130 mm. (5.1 “) for anilox sleeve with 152 mm OD. (6”)
     Anilox sleeve Cheshire 6 pcs, nominal outer diameter 152 mm. (6″)
Volume& lines: 7 / 240, 4/400, 6/280, 9/140, 11/140, 8 /240
    2 air shaft mandrels of 76 mm
    Shaftless unwinder for core 76 mm plus adopters for core 152 mm.
    Shaft rewinder for core 76 mm plus shaft for core 152 mm.
    Provision for GAMA viscosimeter sensors (to control inks viscosity)
    Recuperation for driers to save heat
    Possibility to connect with UTECO through the net in case you have any errors or for diagnosis
    Connection table for reel change with vacuum (to ease the connection of material from new and old reel)
    Some parts provided with the press by UTECO plus one spare motor.
    Banana roller FBF, AC motor drive, inverter controlled
    Circular knives cutting device Helios before rewinding: 5 pcs.
    Computer control. The system consists of an industrial computer equipped with an LCD SVGA color monitor and a touch keyboard.
    Operation manual
    Customer’s plant power supply: 380V ± 5%
     Power supply machine: voltage: 400 V -3 phases with earth (T) and neutral (N)
     Frequencies of main lines: 50 Hz ± 2%
    Additional voltage: 230 Volts 1 phase
     Visible in production
     Availability: the first week of September 2021
    Dismantling up to the end of August

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About Uteco Topaz 608, model 130, year 2014

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