NEWLONG 138T+505TH, year 1992


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About NEWLONG 138T+505TH, year 1992

With inline twisted handle
Year: 1992
1 ply
Min/Max Bag width 280-460 mm
Min/Max Bag bottom/ gusset width: 90-230 mm
Min/Max Bag Length :300 -580 mm
Min/Max Cutting length: 370-690 mm
Mechanical speed: 140 bags/min. The speed is subject to changes depending on the paper material, print registration precision, combination of bag size, tails
Max reel width (mm) 1410
Max reel diameter (mm) 1200
Min/Max Paper thickness (gr / m2) 80-130
Reel mandrel diameter (mm) 76 and 100
Patch reel width (mm) 97-100
Max patch reel diameter (mm) 1000
Patch width (mm) 220
Min/max Patch high (mm) 50
Porta patch reel
Patch number per handle: 2
Belt guide on the unwinder
Patch band guide
Min/Max Patch thickness (gr / m2) 100-120
Rope diameter (mm) 4
Gluing side lateral HOTMELT
Forming Handle glue HOTMELT
Handle gluing VINYL / HOTMELT
Bottom glue VINYL
Visible in production

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About NEWLONG 138T+505TH, year 1992

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