JB Machines BM 22, year 2019


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JB Machines BM 22
Year: 2019
For the production of e-commerce paper bags, envelope bags
Min.-max bag widths: 18/19 cm – 80 cm
Bottom width: 6-30 cm  or Flat bottom
Max bag length: 1050 mm
Max reel width: 1200 mm
Max reel diameter: 1300 mm
Max passage width: 1050 mm
Paper : 60 – 110 gr
Double strip for the hot melt gluing necessary for e.commerce bags
Double web adhesive on the same side of the paper
Double pre-cut system, one for each side of the paper
Top fold of 1-3 cm  on both top of the mouth
Flat bottom
Gluing system Preop
Automatic stacker  for the finished bags and for preparing them in packs
Tipper to overturn the bags from vertical to horizontal and place them on a belt
Tension control of the unwinder web  and dancing roll
Speed: up to 230 bags /min. (Depending on the size , type of bottom and paper )
Fast change size system (about max 40 min.)
Servo motors and drives Schneider Electric
Aut. Cutting system with straight and serrated cut
Single reel holder + top fold and creasing: electrical lifting system, pneumatic break  with air shaft for reels of 76 mm, top folding and  creasing cross system
Pneumatic analog break
Aut. control alignment  (Re )
Colour monitor  15” for the size change  control , functions control , securities etc.
Software assistance is possible from remote by LAN network
Cross gluing system upper and down with automatic glue system
Overall dimensions: width 3 m x 2,5 h x length 19 m (depending on the accessories chosen )
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About JB Machines BM 22, year 2019

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    NEWLONG mod. TS755+518T year 2004

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