Holweg-Weber mod. 7AFW, year 1988


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SOS paper bag making machine for the production of SOS paper bags without handles for sugar bags, flower etc.
Holweg-Weber mod. 7AFW
Year 1988
Single roll unwinder  + lamination reel stand (this can be used as a second reel for processing 2 layers paper)
SERVO MOTOR for the registration control
 Pre-printed reels controlled by photocell. Machine does not have a tail end printer. The owner printed 1 color in line using the window unit many years ago
Die-Cutter section and patch applicator- It is available, separately and not installed on the machine.  Machine was originally designed to apply die-cut for the window unit but was never used by the owner and it is not possible to see in production. It’s available and present in the factory but it is not possible to make any test. Applicator is present but not sure for the die-cut unit that is complete and was not used in the last 16 years.
No handle unit
Bag widths: 200 mm to 355 mm currently it is the biggest forming plate available(up to 457 mm should be possible according to the catalogue)
Format plates available for bag sizes: 200 mm, 225 mm, 240 mm, 260 mm, 280 mm, 290 mm, 355 mm
Tube lengths: 368- 762 mm
Min-max bottom width: 89 mm- 178 mm
Reel width: 1500 mm (actually the owner is processing 1000 mm max reel diameter only)
Speed: Currently is working at about 50 bags/min depending on the size and construction. Max speed indicatively 120 bags/min
3 stations on the drum for the bottom unit
Vacuum pump included, but needs to be repaired
Visible in production

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About Holweg-Weber mod. 7AFW, year 1988

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2 x Windmoller & Holscher Triumph 1 Year: ‘70

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