Holweg Weber 7AFW, year 1989


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Holweg Weber 7AFW
Year: April 1989
complete overhaul by technicians from Weber USA in 2016, including gear changes, calipers, etc.
Single or two ply paper bags SOS (charcoal)
Window unit not in use
Min-max bag width without handles: 197-457 mm
Bottom sizes range: 80 – 175 mm
Tube length without handles: 368-762 mm
Max paper width: 1295 mm
Roll diameter: 1400 mm,
Two unwind station equipped with winch lift unit
Internal core: 76 mm
Motor: 34 KV
Speed: 1 ply bags 80-120 bags/min, 2 ply bags 70-90 bags/min for 240 (W) x150 (Bottom) x480 mm (Length) bags as an example for a charcoal bag.
Servo motor
vacuum pump
suction systems in the drum
Net weight:  9750 kg
Immediately available
Forming plates: 195, 242, 286, 302, 340, 378, 450 mm

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About Holweg Weber 7AFW, year 1989

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