Euromac TB 520 year 1979


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About Euromac TB 520 year 1979

Slitter rewinder Euromac TB 520
Year 1979
Unwinder max width : 1600 mm
Diameter : 1000 mm
Loading of the reel manual by hydraulic lever and oil operator unit
Shaft 7,62/15,24 cm
Pneumatic brake
Web guide by GAMA
Rewinder: with 4 clutches of levers by clip
Mandrels 7,62 and 15,24 cm
Max diameter: 600 mm
Cutting by razor blades  and roll thousand lines
Electrical panel control to be rebuilt  (it can be maintained the frame and change all the components inside)
Visible in production
Immediately available

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About Euromac TB 520 year 1979

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