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About 4MRefai,Flexy Cut 12-11 DF , year 2010

Flexy Cut 12-11 DF
Year: 2010
Touch screen control panel
for cutting on size starting from reel to sheet, flexible materials : ALU, plastic film, paper from 10 to 250 grs, laminates and tissue paper, paper + cardboard, adhesives, shoppers paper, gift paper, offset paper, wrapping paper for pastry, washing etc.. plastic film from 30 to 200 my like PE, pvc, PP, polyester, celluloid, others
double reel unwinder
double photocell / register control
Electronic counter of pieces
Min-max cutting width: 250-1150 mm
Max reel width: 1200 mm
Reel weight: 1100 kg
Internal core: 70/76
Max reel diameter: 1050 mm
Max speed: 195 m/min
Power  400 V, 50 Hz
Air 6 bars
Overall size: 2,4×5,6 m
Weight: 3900 kg

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About 4MRefai,Flexy Cut 12-11 DF , year 2010

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