Jianshe ZD-QFP20, year 2016


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About Jianshe ZD-QFP20, year 2016

Brand: Jianshe Sheet Fed machine
Model: ZD-QFP20
Year: 2016
Only 400 h and 27 days working!
Bag width: 240-500 mm
Bag length: 250-480 mm
Bottom size: 100-170 mm
Paper width: 710-1320 mm
Paper length: 360-630 mm
Paper thickness: 100-220 g
Bag fold with: 40-60 mm
Handle rope height: 160-185 mm
Handle rope diameter: 4-6 mm
Handle patch length: 152.4 mm
Handle patch width: 40-50 mm
Paper patch roll diameter: 1200 mm
Paper patch roll width: 80-100 mm
Paper patch thickness: 110-250 g
Max production speed: 70 bags/min
Total power: 22 kw
Total machine weight: 25.000 kg
Overall dimension: L 1600 x W 4600 x H 2600
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About Jianshe ZD-QFP20, year 2016

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    Fangbang machinery Co. Ltd, Fangbang machinery Co. LtdJianshe model ZD-QFP18B year 2013
    NEWPORT (NEWLONG) TYPE 342T+505TH, year 1986

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