EUROMAC Slitter rewinder model TB-520, year 1989


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About EUROMAC Slitter rewinder model TB-520, year 1989

EUROMAC Slitter rewinder model TB-520
Year: 1989
For plastic film from 15 my up to 400 my
Maximum web width: 2000 mm
Maximum web diameter: 1200 mm
Maximum rewind roll diameter: 600 mm
Minimum rewind roll width: 180 mm
Core rewind diameter: 3” (76 mm) & 6” (152 mm)
Core unwinder: cardboard or steel cores (6” – 152 mm)
Maximum speed: up to 400 m/min
Unwinder: independent shaftless unwinder with mechanical expandable head and hydraulic lift of the loading arms.
2 Mechanical disk brake with pneumatic control driven by dancing roll.
Both top or bottom unwinding direction possibilities
1 Operator Panel for reel loading command
1 Automatic side-lay control device (FIFE GP 25) with dedicated hydraulic pump station for trolley control
1 Pneumatic adjustable head for web edge reading
1 ACTIVE bar for electrostatic discharge
2 strong side frames joined with rods
Set of idle rollers for web passage
1 rubber coated central drum roll
2 pressure roll pneumatically controlled to lock the strip during reel change
2 finished reel unloading unit with motorized belt mounted on floor rail and height adjustable. One for each rewinding bank
7 single circular blades with pneumatic insertion mounted on a crossbar with linear guide
1 Group of Multiple counter knife mounted on a motorized shaft (fixing dowels with Allen key tool)
1 Safety optical barrier to stop machine when entering at production speed
New System (DELSAR Lame) installed in 2019 with excellent and sharp cut and easy/quick set-up in job change-over
6 rewinding stations composed each one of a couple of adjustable arms pneumatically controlled. (+ 1 couple of additional spare arms)
Manual lock system for core fitting on each arm
Central rewind system operated by pneumatic clutch
Pneumatic control for roll pressure and automatic counter-pression
Programmable automatic speed decrease ramp and stop at desired roll length
2 adjustable trim suction tubs to be connected to the main suction circuit (venturi fan not included)
Dimensions: approx. LxWxH 6x3x2 mt. Cabinet approx 1×0,6x2mt)
Power supply: 3 x 380 V – 50 Hz
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About EUROMAC Slitter rewinder model TB-520, year 1989

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