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About Macchi Co-extruder, year 2010

Macchi Co-extruder
Year: 2010
No. 2 extruder Plastex 65/30 D
No. 1 extruder Plastex 80 /30 D
3 layers
Coextrusion head 3 layers Coex Flex fixed TE 502 IBC
Complete of: die diameter 180 mm, gap 1,8 mm range die 180 mm
Heating is divided into areas with ceramic heating bands
Unit installed on the trolley with integrated system cooling air
IBC cooling system control type JET 6
Ultrasound with 4 sensors
Panel controls of the co-extruders with digital zone thermoregulators, pressure gauge and temperature meter, static relé for the partial control of the thermoregulation
Take off unit type ST199 roto 1200 oscillating
Width of cylinders: 1200 mm
Passage film: 1100 mm
Rotation 360°
Automatic double rewinder BO PLUS/D 1200, 2 stations
Automatic change of the reel
Hydraulic discharge of the finished reels
Max reel dia.: 1200 mm (conto of the pressure by pneumatic LPC, electrical tension control )
Air shifts: 76 mm and 150 mm
Easy load system for the loading of the rewinding shaft (to automatic positioning of the shafts complete with core in cardboard with adhesive )
Corona treatment: 1200 Ferrarini e Benelli
Web guide E+L automatic 1200
Double system for the air conditioning
Insulation ring KARAT and distributor
Insulation tues dia. 210 and 150 mm for ring and IBC, max length 12 + 12 m
Gravimetric dosing system for batch 6 components “grado”
Granule centralization system up to 300 kg for station – up to 12 units
Tubular and monolayer
Die 180 mm, 1,8 and 2,4 mm
Thickness min-max: 20-200 my
Min. width of the film: min. 450 mm
Max. length: 1000 mm, minimum closing of the web guide 330 mm
Breakdown of layers: A 20%, B 60%, C 20%
Speed of screw extruder: Dia. 65: 0170 RPM, Dia. 80: 0-130 RPM
Width and reference thickness: 550 mm; 150 my
Production capacity: 300 kg /h
Mechanical speed of the rewinder: from 7 to 150 m/min.
Max width of the film passage: 1100 mm
Mandrels diameters: 76 mm / 152 mm
Max. height of the tower: 14 m recommended
Electrical tension: 4000 V, thrifts + neutral 50 Hx
Installed power: 500 Kw
Water consumption: 60 L/min
Air Pressure: 6 bars
Availability: June 2022

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About Macchi Co-extruder, year 2010

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