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About UTECO Onyx 107 GL mod.120 year 2010

UTECO Onyx 107 GL mod.120
Year 2010
10 colors
Printing width: 1.200 mm
Web width: 1.250 mm
Printing repeat: 330 – 800 mm
Mechanical speed: 400 m/min
Unwinder/rewinder: automatic
Max diameter on unwinder: 800 mm
Max diameter on rewinder: 800 mm
Web guide: Kamberoller BST
Washing system: automatic
Inks: solvent based
Viscosimeter: FASNACHT
Temperature control: FASNACHT
Corona treatment FERRARINI&BENELLI
Heating system: gas burners
Automatic circulation by LEL
Reel lifting system: Electro-mechanic
Web Guide at the exit of the film: OPG platform
Automatic rewinder
Slitting device: yes
Doctor blades
No.30 sleeves, no.10 anilox, no.10 carrier

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About UTECO Onyx 107 GL mod. 120 year 2010

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