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About Uteco Diamond 10 colors year 2012

Year: 2012
10 colors
Max printing width: 1300 mm
Max passage width: 1350 mm
Unwinder/rewinder: automatic for max reel dia. 1000 mm
Lifting system of the unwinder/rewinder: electro-mechanic
Camera: Grafikontrol 2200
Automatic pressure: Kiss&go
Print repeats min-max: 360-850 mm
Max speed: 600 m/min.
Sleeves (Rossini): 10×360 mm, 10×380 mm, 10×400 mm, 10×440 mm, 10×500 mm
Anilox cylinders (Simec): 1×80/16, no. 2 x 100/15, no. 1x 140/12, no.1 x160/12, no. 4x 360/6, no. 4 x420/8
Washing system: automatic
Viscosimeter: GAMA G26
Drying system: by diathermic oil
Recirculation with LEL control automatic
Cutting system: by razor blades with rubber roll
Trim suction: yes
Web guide: OPG

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About Uteco Diamond 10 colors year 2012

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