STIEGLER U 900 W-SBT/L, year 1994


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About STIEGLER U 900 W-SBT/L, year 1994

Year: 1994
Material type: LDPE; LLDPE (Borstar); HDPE; pp Cast
Foil type: sleeve, half sleeve, foil, bottom gusset, fold; perforation
Bag type: punch, blocking; longitudinally sealing; adhesive tape
Unwinder: width max.1.350 mm
Sealing type: welding strip 1,4 mm
Width of the sealing bar: 950 mm
Speed: min. 40 pcs/min – max. 150 pcs/min
Bag width: min. 120 mm, max. 670 mm
Lip size min-max: min. 20 mm – max. 90 mm
The distance between holes punches min. 50 mm
The diameter of hole punches: different options – min 10 mm and more (12mm, 14 mm,…)
Automatic web alignment: yes, FIFE
Web tension control: mechanical
The possibility of making wicket bags with a round bottom (“chicken” bags): no
Notching: perforation to tear off the lip, notch hole for rupture along the hole without tearing the lip
Thickness: min. 22 my, max. 150 my
Bag height: min. 250 mm, max. 750 mm
Bottom gusset: min. 27 mm – max. 100 mm
Keeping the foil through the machine: double-sided FIFE (on the machine)
Foil trim: YES
Core diameter: Ø 76 mm
Roll diameter: max. 800 mm
Printed foil: photocell
Product ventilation: a) hole – YES b) cross – YES
There is technical documentation
Immediately available
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About STIEGLER U 900 W-SBT/L, year 1994

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