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About SOMA Die Cutter BULLDOG, year 2013

Year 2013
Label printing machine
Roll-fed die cutter mainly designed for the production of foil lids for yogurt containers.
Process material: aluminum foil 35-100 micron
Material width 320 mm
Max. unwinding roll diameter: 450 mm
Inner core diameter of unwinding roll: 70-78 mm
Cutting stroke: 80-250 upstrokes of the tool per min for film feeding 80 mm, 0-80 upstrokes per min – time limited operation for adjustment (The final output depends on the die cut, cavity size, processed material and its quality)
Feeding step: 15-150 mm
Embossing unit
Transporting and feeding unit
Dimensions: 1200 x 2550 x 1800 mm
Weight 1260 kg
Power input: 6,5 kw

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About SOMA Die Cutter BULLDOG, year 2013

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    NILPETER FA 3300 S, year 2004

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