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About Newlong model 185T, year 2002

Newlong model 185T
Year: 2002
CE brand
Without handle unit
1-2 ply bags
Cutting length without handles: 200-470 mm
Bag length: 170-440 mm
Bag width: 75-230mm
Bottom width: 40-140 mm
Machine speed: 300 bags/min (1ply), 200 bags/min (2 ply)
Paper roll dia.: 1200 mm
Roll width: 770 mm
Inside dia.of the core: 76 mm
Basis weight of paper: 50 – 125 gsm for one ply (max. 180 for 1 ply + 2nd ply)
Photocell for pre-printed material
With automatic tension controller
With automatic stopper
With air shafts
Longitudinal pasting unit
Cross pasting unit for 2 plies
Thumb hole device
Bottom slitting device
Forming plates: double: 70, 80, 90, 100 mm. Some of the sizes of single plates can be included: 5,95,105,110,120,125,130,140,150,155,160,170,195,220
Gears: 40,44,48,52,56,60,64,76,80,84,88 mm. Some of the sizes can be included: 45,47,51,55,57,58,62,74,78,82,86,90,94,96
Voltage and Hz: 380V/50HZ
Power Consumption of drive motor – 7,5 kW
Overall dimensions: 8965 mm x 2265 mm x1100 mm
Visible in production
Delivery time: February – March 2023

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About Newlong model 185T, year 2002

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