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About Newlong 1546TS+536HS, year 2013

Newlong 1546TS+536HS
Year: 2013
With flat handle unit
Servo controlled type
1 ply
Bag width min-max: 180-460 mm
Bag width min-max: 150-460 mm (without handles)
Bottom width min-max: 80-220 mm
Bag length min-max: 205-510 mm (with concealed handles)
Bag length min-max: 220-480 mm (with unconcealed handles)
Cutting length min-max: 280-570 mm (with concealed handles)
Cutting length min-max: 300-540 mm (with unconcealed handles)
Paper roll width: 485-1390 mm
Paper roll dia: 350-1200 mm
Paper grammage: 70-125 gm2
Max.speed: 180 bags/min. Speed depends on paper quality, basis weight, print accuracy and etc.
Handle center distance min-max: 260-680 mm Handle patch roll size:
Patch paper width: 160 mm
Patch paper weight: 80-100 gm2
Patch paper roll dia: max.1200 mm
Patch paper roll stand: 2 stands
Patch paper roll ID: 76 mm (Core inside dia)
Handle paper width: 94 mm
Handle paper size: 70-90 gm2
Handle type: 6-folded
Handle width: 16 mm
Handle length: 324 mm
Handle patch width: 160 mm
Handle patch length: 52 mm
Lifting system of the reel: shaftless
Servo controlled forming plate
Photocell device for pre-printed rolls (for gearless control)
Power consumption: 7,5 kW
Power: 380V, 50 HZ
Visible in operation
Immediately available

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About Newlong 1546TS+536HS, year 2013

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