NEWLONG model 335T + 504TH year 2007


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About NEWLONG model 335T + 504TH year 2007
NEWLONG model 335T + 504TH
Sheetfed SOS paper bag making machine with in-line twisted loop handle unit
Year: 2007
Tube lengths: 280-540mm.
Bag widths with handles: 210-350 mm.
Bag widths without handles: 150-350 mm.
Bottom widths: 60-160 mm.
Top folding height: 40-60 mm
Handle center distance: 285 to 510 mm.
Sheet widths with handles: 410 to 1.050 mm.
Sheet widths without handles: 410 – 1.050 mm.
Sheet lengths with handles: 320 – 600 mm and without handles: 280 to 600 mm.
Sheet basis weights: 80 to 120 grs.
Machine max speed: 70 bags/min. for bags with handles
Hot melt gluing system for lateral and for handles included and the pumps for the air
Visible in production and in excellent conditions
Immediately available

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About NEWLONG model 335T + 504TH year 2007

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