Rotogravure printing machine ROTOPAC 2000, year 1988


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Rotogravure printing machine Rotomec ROTOPAC 2000
Year: 1988
Serial No. 73061
8 colours
Left to right handled
Web width: 480 – 1020 mm
Print width max: 1000 mm
Printing cylinder circumference range: 350-820 mm
Max. reel diameter unwinder: 800 mm
Max. reel diameter rewinder: 800 mm
Inner core diameter unwinder 70,76 mm
Inner core diameter rewinder 70,76 mm
Adaptors for inner core diameter 150 mm on unwinder
Automatic splicing unwinder and rewinder
Max. mechanical speed: 250 m/min
Min. operating speed: 12,5 m/min
Possibilities for reversing printing 7+1 colour
Materials: Al-foil 8-60μ, PE 30-100μ, Poliester 12-36μ, OPP 13-40μ            paper max. 100 g/m², different substrates up to 150 gr/m² Compressed air 7 bar
Preconditioning group
16 trolleys ( 8 in machine + 8 out of machine)
Heating by gas burners ( heating source by gas )
Electric main power 380 V/50 Hz
16 antistatic rubber rollers
Installed power 250 KW
Temperature of cool water 12 C-15 C
Diameter of pipes for cool water is 2″
Supply pressure of gas 100 mbar
Diameter of supply pipes for gas 1″
4 burner station Maxon
Viscosity control at each unit
Dimensions: 27,0 m x 8.5 m x 4.7 m
The machine is in very good condition
Machine is stopped, sometimes is used
Immediately available

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About Rotogravure printing machine ROTOPAC 2000, year 1988

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