Saldoflex mod. AZ 800 year 2002 refurbished in 2019


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About Saldoflex mod. AZ 800 year 2002

Saldoflex mod. AZ 800
Year 2002 refurbished in 2019 (painted with changing of spare parts with original Saldoflex new ones)
Welding machine for the production of bio-shoppers open mouth / die cut handle HD/PLT
Max reel dia: 120 cm
Hydraulic lifting system of the reel
Brushless motors
Two trucks  (cut and seal)
Non-stop function without stop
Collect in packs
Function of grip and fold  of the packs
Welding system  by plates/straps of nickel -cromo therefore the machine can make open mouth bags and shoppers also with machine in operation
It can seal shoppers  and open mouth bags by a selector (machine doesn’t needs to be stopped during the changing)
Automatic opening of the machine for the maintenance
Electrical brake
Min. – max  sealing width: 18 cm – 80 cm
Min-max sealing lengths: 37-120 cm
Min-max thickness: 18-120 my;
Max speed: 200 beats/min.
Normal speed depending on material type 150 beats/ min.
Photocell for pre-printed material
Feeding system on pins
Table for the die cut of 100 cm
Optionals included: double die cut system of 140 /170/190 (new )
Web guide (cut and seal)
The machine was dismantled, repainted, reassembled by technicians from Saldoflex.
Calendars have been changed and all bearings changed
Motors brushless with last generation drivings


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About Saldoflex mod. AZ 800 year 2002

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