Elba Model: ES/800 M, year 1977


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About Elba Model: ES/800 M, year 1977

Model: ES/800 M
Year: 1977
Die cut
with folded bottom
sealing for mouth and bottom
Gusset on the bottom
Bag width: 100-830 mm
Bag lengths: 100-1400 mm
Sealing: 830 mm
Material thickness: 20-150 my
Type of break: electrical abrasive disc
no inverter but brushes
Manual no touch screen
No stacker
Web guide
System for counting the pieces
Speed: 150 beats/min
TL 10 photocell
Materials: PLT, PPL

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About Elba Model: ES/800 M, year 1977

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    HEMINGSTONE T-shirt bag making machine, year 2006 (located in South Asia)

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