Elba Mod SA 90 EV-11, year 2005


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Mod SA 90 EV-11
Year  2005
For shoppers / t-shirt bags
PE LDPE HDPE, Coex, Compostable
3 lanes
Machine can run 3 tracks  for bag width: 350 mm
Welding width: 1100 mm
Min.-Max bag lengths:400- 800 mm
Speed: 220 beats/min.
Max working width: 1600 mm
Vertical gusset system complete with cut-welding with 2 blades for 3 lanes
Servodrive  and rotative blades
Aut. Die cut and side shift of the packets
Collecting table
Hydraulic lifting system from floor
Max reel width: 1600 mm
Max reel diameter: 1000 mm
Breaking system by servomotor, AC and multiple dancing roll for aut. Tension control in unwinding
Air shaft
Vertical gusset system of 1600 mm
3 units for the gusset forming system
2 welding units adjustable for the width
Electrical control of the temperature

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about Elba Mod SA 90 EV-11, year 2005

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