Coating machine KROENERT, year 1969


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Coating machine KROENERT
Year: 1969
The reconstruction was done 1982 and 1986
Serial number: 120-31700
Working width min-max: 350 – 840/850mm
Operating speed: 75m/min
N of unwinders: 2
N of rewinder: 1
Max reel diameter unwinder I: 550mm
Max reel diameter unwinder II: 600mm
Max reel diameter rewinder: 800mm
Diameter of shaft (internal):
Unwinder I 76, 150mm
Unwinder II 76,150mm
Rewinder 76, 150mm
Types of material:
Unwinder I: PET, OPA, CPA BOPP, PET/PET met, PET/Al
Unwinder II: PE, AL, BOPP, AL/PE, PET
Procedure for dry lamination: system rubber/steel roller
Drying mode: drying tunnel with eight sections and el. heaters and fans
Adhesive station: Two-component adhesives on a polyurethane base
Adhesive coating 3-5g/m2
Cooling water 12-150C
Air pressure max 8bar
Diameter piping for air 1/2 ”
Diameter of water pipeline 1 ”
Cooling water supply 6/4 ”
Inlet air hose 3/4 ”
Installed power 340KW
Optimum power 200KW
Dimensions: Length: 11 735mm, Width: 3 700mm, Height: 2 618mm
The machine is in good condition
Visible in production
Immediately available

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About Coating machine KROENERT, year 1969

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