NILPETER FA 4250, year 2007


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About NILPETER FA 4250, year 2007

Year: 2007
8 UV colour stations + hot air drying on 8 station
Working width: 420 mm
Water cooling-chill rollers
Servo driven
Printing cylinders and anilox in sleeve version
Max reel dia of unwinder: 1000 mm
Roll splicing table
Device for over-side control
8 UV flexo units (hot air drying on 8 station)
Lengthwise waste cutting with waste removal
1 die cutting stations with waste winding system
Sheeting station
Winding with pressure roller (roll max. 1000mm)
Video monitoring camera
Printing film 25-300 my
Automatic register
Included 10 anilox rollers
Machine in production

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About NILPETER FA 4250, year 2007

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