Cobden and Chadwick flat&satchel bag machine, year late 70’s


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About Cobden and Chadwick flat&satchel bag machine

Cobden and Chadwick
Overhauled in 2018 (many cogwheels and rollers are new)
year late 70’s
2 colors printer inline (print width: 1000 mm)
can make 48 cm wide market bags
Max. width of the web 1050 mm.
Max. cutting length 665 mm
Speed: depends on bag size, normally 250pcs/min
Bag sizes:
Width from 100 to 480 mm – big paper bags for markets
and shops,
Length from 200 to 660 mm
10 format plates.
14 printing rollers and numerous gears.
Complete gear sets (machine + printer)- 26,33,50,24,31,39,45,62,29,43,38,61,53,30,40,56,42,46,48,52,60
Plates (flat bags) 25,30,31,35,43
Plates (satchel bags) 15,28,21,37,33
Power: 380V, 3 phases, 5 Kwh engine, cone potentiometer
Machine is dismantled

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About Cobden and Chadwick flat&satchel bag machine

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    W&H Matador 18, year 1980
    W&H Matador S, year 1976

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