Newlong 2254T+504TH, year 2016


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Newlong 2254T+504TH
Year: 2016
With twisted handle unit
Cutting lengths (*1): 400-650 mm
Bag length with handles: 290- 580 mm
Bag width with handles: 220- 540 mm
Bottom width: 80-200 mm
Without twisted handles:
Cutting lengths (*2): 400-770 mm
Bag length without handles: 290- 700 mm
Bag width without handles: 220- 540 mm
Bottom width: 80-200 mm
Note: *1 cutting length alteration possible by shifting the change gears. A gear for one sizes are included and other gears for different sizes are available at extra cost. Changeable in 10 mm step.
Note *2 handle center distance (bag width x bottom width) shall be in between 320 to 740 mm
Min-max paper roll width: 1200-1510 mm
Paper roll dia: 1200 mm
Paper basic weight: 80-125 grs
Handle & Handle patch
Sealing method: acetic acid vinyl glue
Patch width: 190.5 mm
Patch cutting length: 50 mm (fixed) patch paper of 100 mms slit into 2 lines
Patch paper weight: 100-120 g
Patch paper weight: max 1000 mm
Max speed for bags with handles: 120 bags/min (speed depends on paper quality, basis weight, print accuracy, bag formation including bag sizes, applications, etc.)
Machine components:
Paper roll stand (with Lift up/down)
2 Switch boxes for speed reduction, stop and E-stop
Electric tension controls
Motorized Paper roll slides for re-positioning
Paper roll small detection
Air shafts (max weight 30 kg, max 8 kg/cm2G)
Paper roll stand equipped with Electric tension control unit allowing automatic adjustment of tension applied on the reels , which provides uniform flow of main web paper.
Pneumatic arms (manipulated by a joystick) are incorporated for lifting up/down the expandable air shaft (with the already mounted paper roll)
Automatic web brake system for adverting paper tension inadequacy in case machine suddenly stops
Air expandable shaft
A switch enables the fine lateral adjustment of paper roll after mounting
Paper roll small detection device perceives by a sensor—eye if the diameter of the paper reel drops to the default low level. Which automatically reduce the machine speed
504TH Handle making unit (Press and Punch rollers, handle patch slitter, draw rollers, 2 handle patch roll stands, web guide unit for patch paper, PVA Glue Nozzle)
448T handle inserting unit (  Handle transporting unit, Handle patch glue unit, Perforation unit,   Photocell for pre printer rolls)
Forming station:
NC system for forming table including gusset rollers (this unit is equipped with a NC (numerical control) system which enables shifting the bag width and gusset width sizes without any mechanical labor requirements and eases the burden of long change-over times. No forming plates to change for various sizes are needed anymore. After inputting the desired dimensions for bag width and gusset width on the control panel the encoders orient the gusset rolls, forming plate and forming blocks accordingly.
PVA type glue nozzle for longitudinal pasting
Photocell device for pre-printed rolls
Including one Nordson hot melt unit for handles
Delivery: from September

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About Newlong 2254T+504TH, year 2016

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Newlong model 118T, year 1987

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