Bieffebi Mirage 318SL-270, year 1989


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About Bieffebi Mirage 318SL-270, year 1989

Bieffebi Mirage 318SL-270
Year: 1989
Press cylinder range: 1720 mm
Min-max cliché cylinder length: 600-1650 mm
Cylinder width: 2700 mm
DC motor: 0,75 KW
6 pneumatic cylinders
Size of machine :Width 317x Length 110x Height 175 cm
Weight: 2.550 kg
Size of cabinet: Width 60x Length 40 Height 130 cm
Weight of cabinet: 90 kg
The machine mainly consists of a press cylinder and a plate cylinder, which can be moved up and down. By gears, the cylinders are connected to each other and rotate at the same time, regardless of the position of the plate cylinder on the vertical, thanks to the disc clutch
The illuminated optics allows the both points A and B to be seen one above the other simultaneously
Pressing cylinder dressed with a paper sheet is provided with pass lines longitudinally and transversely, by means of ruler. Then the clichés of the first color can be pasted by aligning with the pass lines that can be seen on the cliché cylinder.
Now the clichés are inked by manual roller
The cliché cylinder is removed, if necessary, the remaining colors are assembled according to the same principle

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About Bieffebi Mirage 318SL-270, year 1989

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