Uteco Coral 675 RR, mod.80, year 2003


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About Uteco Coral 675 RR, mod.80, year 2003

Uteco Coral 675 RR, mod.80
Year: 2003
6 colors
Min-max print repeat: 300 – 800 mm
Min-max speed: 30- 250 m/min (depends various factors)
Max reel dia of unwinder/rewinder: 800 mm
Maximum material width: 850 mm
Maximum print width 800 mm
The average distance between the printing sections mm 650
The step of moving one gear tooth mm 5
The module of the gear wheel and gears drive plate shafts 1.5915
The angle of inclination of the gear teeth 20 degrees
Deviation by incompatibility of colors: 0.1 mm
Plate thickness: 1.7 (tolerance 1.14) mm
Thickness of mounting adhesive double-sided tape:0.5 mm
Diameter of anilox shaft (quantity and lineature according to production needs) 140 mm
Drive gears for unwinding: 2 pcs
Drive gears for the rewinding: 2 pcs
Drying system: electrical heating
28 sets of plate rollers for molds with a thickness of 1.14 and 1.7 and with bushings and gears of the corresponding size.
16 pcs of anilox sleeves with different gears
Doctor blades
The shafts for installing the material on the unwinding/winding: pneumatic
The tension of the web material when working: 2 to 4 kg
Possible to align the direction of the web of the installed roll per stake. mm +/- 10
The inner diameter of a cardboard sleeve for winding rolls: 76 mm
Voltage for the operation of the machine: V 80 +/- 5% current A 50 +/- 2%
Power of the main drive electric motor kW 16
Operating power of the machine kW 100 – 150 kW
Noise level of working parts of the machine dBA 85
Video control system
Materials: BOPP: 15-100 my, HDPE, LDPE: 20-120my, PET: 12-20my, aluminum foil: 12-15 my, paper: 38-60 gr., laminated paper: 30-60 gr., PA and other PP.
The print on the packaging for the following types of goods:
food single-layer and multilayer polymer film (semi-finished products, dumplings, chips, snacks, seeds, frozen vegetables, etc.);  polymer film or paper for bulk products (sugar, salt, cereals, pasta, etc.); hose films for the manufacture of packages (feed, chemicals, fertilizers, etc.) materials for packaging butter, cheese and etc.); polymer films for packing ice cream, pastry, confectionery, sausage wrapper and other products.
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About Uteco Coral 675 RR, mod.80, year 2003

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