Tifmak Zeus 148, year 2008


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Tifmak Zeus 148
Year: 2008
I flexo printer
8 colors
Web width: 1500 mm
Print width: 1450 mm
Min-max print repeat: 340-800 mm
With gears
Gear pitch: 1.14 mm
Max mechanical speed: 200 m/min
Drying system: electrical (capacity max of 60Kw)
Approximate print speed: 100-200 m/min (depending on inks, cliché and material)
Materials: PE 25-100 microns, OPP 18-180 microns, paper 60-180 g
Max reel dia of double automatic unwinder/rewinder: 800 mm
Shafts: 76 mm
Cliché rollers are fixed by pin bearings and it is possible to make the print adjustment at 10 mm for right–left and 7,50 mm from bottom to top
Print separation is done by pneumatically opening cliché bearings.
Peeling –off the ink is done by supplying pressure pneumatically into the Chamber Doctor Blade System.
Circulation pumps are available for all color groups.
Special drying nozzles are placed between colors.
When the machine stops, ceramic anilox rollers are rotated by AC motors, following print separation. This process can be either automatically or manually.
Web guide before and after the printing units
Printing cylinders: 8x 390 mm, 6x 410 mm, 6×430 mm, 4×450 mm, 4×480 mm, 8×490 mm, 4×510 mm, 8×550 mm, 8×590 mm, 4×610, 4×630, 4×650 mm, 4×680 mm, 4×700 mm, 4x 800 mm
Anilox: 4x 300 l/cm-4.70 cm3/m2, 1 steel x 260 l/cm-6.00 cm3/m2, 4 steel x 220 l/cm-4.00 cm3/m2, 1 steel x 160 l/cm-7.00 cm3/m2, 1 steel x 100 l/cm-14.00 cm3/m2, 1 steel x 120 l/cm-12.00 cm3/m2, 1 steel x 80 l/cm-16.00 cm3/m2,
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