Flexo printing machine STRACHAN&HENSHAW, year 2013


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About Flexoprinting machine STRACHAN&HENSHAW, year 2013

Flexo printing machine STRACHAN&HENSHAW
Manufactured in England
Year: 2013
Number of Printing units: 6
Doctor blades system
Maximum print width: 1200 mm
Diameter of a roll unwinding and winding is 1300 mm
Maximum speed: 150-200 m/min.
Printing on paper, self-adhesive, thermal paper, cardboard
Cliché 2.54-5mm
Printing repeat: 300-900 mm
Cylinders 6×760,6×560,1×550
Number of gears: 6×760,6×560, 1×550
Overall dimensions: W 2500x L 9300xH 3520 mm
Visible in production
Available immediately

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About Flexo printing machine STRACHAN&HENSHAW, year 2013

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