Tuber G&H 501 REDA, year 1971


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About Tuber G&H 501 REDA, year 1971

Year of production: 1971
Straight cut
the flexographic printing unit 4 col.
Tube length: 440-1360 mm.
Tube width: 330 – 800 mm.
Printing length:  1200 mm.
Number of paper plies: max. 4
Roll width: 400 – 1540 mm.
Paper weight: 60-120 g / m2
Speed: 80-150 tubes/min. in normal mode, a maximum of 200 tubes/min. (depending on the number of plies and the quality of the paper)
4 reel stand for rolls up to Ø1150 mm. with axial adjustment;
monorail 2t. (transportation of rolls to the rolling units);
units of preliminary pulling-tension of the web;
a unit for longitudinal perforation of webs;
units of transverse glutinous sizing up to 4 piles of paper;
unit of longitudinal gluing;
tube formation;
rolling unit and radial tube;
groove unit for dispensing the tubes and forming stacks
The total power consumption is 45 kW / h.
Overall dimensions: 2,4×2,5×3,5 m.
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About Tuber G&H 501 REDA, year 1971

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    Tuber G&H 501-533, year 1973
    Complete line: Tuber G&H 533, bottmer W&H AD 2365, slitter rewinder

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