Tuber G&H 501-533, year 1973


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About Tuber G&H 501-533, year 1973

Year of production: 1973
Straight cut and stepped end
(The bar with the knives to make the stepped end cut is not present and it needs to be bought separately. The machine have always produced flush cut tubes only )
the flexographic printing unit 2 col
Paper weight: 60-120 g / m2
Tube length: 440-1360 mm.
Tube width: 330 – 800 mm.
Printing length:  1200 mm.
Number of paper plies: max. 4
Roll width: 400 – 1540 mm.
Speed: 80-250 tubes/min. in normal mode, a maximum of 300 tubes/min. (depending on the number of plies and the quality of the paper)
4 reel stand for rolls up to Ø1150 mm. with axial adjustment;
monorail 3 t. (transportation of rolls to the rolling units);
FIFE paper web alignment system;
units of preliminary pulling-tension of the web;
units of transverse glutinous sizing up to 4 plies of paper;
unit of longitudinal gluing;
a bending-forming system of the paper tube;
rolling unit, longitudinal cuttings and vertical pipe cutting;
tube delivery unit with 2-stream distribution to form packs;
The total power consumption is 53 kW / h.
Overall dimensions: 2,7×2,5×3,5 m

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About Tuber G&H 501-533, year 1973

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