G+H Tuber type 501 and W+H Bottomer type 2360/22


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About G+H Tuber type 501 and W+H Bottomer type 2360/22

Complete paper sack line composed of:
G+H Tuber type 501
Year: 1982
with straight and stepped cut systems,
with 4 unwinders for 4 ply sacs (predisposed for 5 reels).  3 of the reels stands are electric shift of the reel);
tube sizes width: 350-600 mm (max width of 650 mm is also possible if the in-line printer is not in use)
Tube Lengths: 610-1190 mm and 1190 – 1300 mm
with in-line printer 2 col. W+H Olympia . It is not used in this moment and it require little control / reparation
max reel dia: 1300 mm;
Speed: 140 tubes/min
In-line device for the application of non slip products
G&H cutting head type 503 of 1982. The original cutting head unit mod. 531 have been changed with the model 503 where it has been installed a PIV system with the control by photocell for the pre-printed material .
Centering device FIFE installed in 1989 predisposed for 5 layers
Micro perforator installed in year 2000 to perforate up to 3 layers
Pulling system : original of the machine ;
Perforation unit: original of the machine 5 layers
Cross gluing system for 5 layers
Longitudinal gluing unit for 3 layers totally refurbished and re-projected
Ionizater system installed in 2008 mod. Eltex (2 generators and bars for working the PE papers
Tube forming and plate, refurbished and reprojected in 2002
ICOMA brand mod. P5/BOO-80 of 1987 Scale belt and package system to prepare the bundle of tubes for the transport to the Bottomer.
Transystem by lifting system to bring the tubes to the first belt level of the automation of the tuber /bottomer . Refurbished mechanically and electrically  (it was installed the new motor and the new drive by SEW in 2008).
Siemens S5 electrical system
Electrical panel control refurbished and changed in 1992
New protection closer to the machine by new Carter systems
Automation between tuber and bottomer made in 1988 with following:
Continue pressure unit, 3 feeding  belts, turning sacks  system of 2002 and rotating   sacks system , lifter, 4 belts to collect the sacks and to feed, feeding system for the bottomer .
The electrical cabinet of the automation is the same and it feeds  2 lines
W+H Bottomer type 2360/22 of 1980
2 valve units
New  electrical panel control of 2008 with Siemens S7  by the complete changing of the electrical system and the installation of PLC,
New feeding system of the motor DC.
Width of valve sacks :  350-700 mm (it is possible to do also up to 740 mm);
bottom width (min.-max): 80-220 mm
tube length for smallest bottom (min-max): 560-1500 mm
tube lengths for biggest bottom (min.-max): 870-1640 mm
distance between center bottom and center bottom: 360- 1300 mm
bag length for smallest bottom (min-max): 440 -1360 mm
bag length for biggest bottom (min-max): 620-1360 mm
valve length without fold:  90-240 mm
2 colors flexo for each side bottom patches,
valve length with fold: 130-290 mm
fold length on the valve. 1-6 cm
Bottom turning system installed in 1989 type ICOMA BWS
New opening bottom unit installed in 1992
New exit system of the bottomer made by ICOMA with S-press belts
scale belts, counting unit, packetize system ,turning system of sacks, unit for the control and shunting.
max speed: 130 sacks/min
Production reachable is 50.000 sacks / shift of 8 h,  with the  size of bags like the ones for cement
Automation of the bottomer and Pallettizer by ICOMA with conveyor belts and pusher for feeding the Pallettizer.
Pallettizer SEEMI type SPS20 of 1992
no vacuum pumps included because exist a centralized system
visible in production and available in May 2021

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About G+H Tuber type 501 and W+H Bottomer type 2360/22

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    Complete line for sale: G&H Tuber 537 and W&H Bottomer 2360/16
    Tuber W+H 2160 year mid of 70’ and  W+H Bottomer type 2360/22 of 1976

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