G&H Bottomer 525, year 1978


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GARTEMANN & HOLLMANN Bottomer 525 (Germany, Bielefeld)
Year: 1978
Glues the bottom and valve of a paper sack in automatic mode in a single cycle
For the production of the valve sacks
Speed: 40-100 bags per minute.
Manufactured sacks: from 1 to 5 layers for any weight (from 2.5 kg to 70 kg)
Tube length – from 520 to 1220 mm
Tube width – from 300 to 650 mm
Bottom width from 70 to 155 mm
Sack length: 320-1350 mm
Double feeder (feeding of tubes from two tables at the same time, high production)
Tube alignment system
Tube rejection system
The device of the longitudinal notch of the bottom
Bottom folding station
Control system of tubes along the entire length of the line
Bottom opening device
Bottom closing station
Valve unit
Circulated glue supply system
2 vacuum pumps
Power consumption – 8 kw/h
Dimensions: 15400 х 2200 х 1200
Weight – 9,5 tons
At the moment not in production, but in working conditions. In case of visit, can run the machine to see the production of sacks
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