Bottomer W&H AD2368 NC, year 1992


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Bottomer W&H AD2368 NC  
S-Press + Pallettizer  ICOMA (can be offered as option)
Year: 1992
Min-max bags width: 300-740 mm
Min-max bottom width: 80-260 (260 when valve)
Tube length for smallest bottom: 445-1400mm
Tube length for biggest bottom: 680-1545 mm
Bag length for smallest bottom: 390-1340 mm
Bag length for biggest bottom: 535-1400 mm
Bottom center distance for smallest bottom: 250-1200 mm
Bottom center distance for biggest bottom: 310-1125 mm
It has 2 inner patch units  top & bottom
In-line printer for both sides.
Registration system for pre printed patch material probably is not working correctly
The electrical system was remade completely in 2013
No. of valve stations: 2. The main valve unit works but needs to be upgraded to run at maximum speed. The second valve station is present but is missing a part.
Voltage 50 or 60 Hz
Parts or software would be items that could only be purchased from the company that rebuilt the machine. This applies to the new electrical system. Everything is available to purchase directly from distributor.
Vacuum pump
Machine dimensions: W 3 m x L 35 m x H 4,2 m
Machine is in working conditions and is producing valve sacks on daily base. There is possibility to overhaul the machine locally by a specialised company before dismantling and shipment
Availability: January 2022

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About Bottomer W&H AD2368 NC, year 1992

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