W&H Bottomer AD 2360/22, year 1975


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W&H Bottomer AD 2360/22
Year: 1975
The machine was modified in 2002 including the control upgrade to Omron systems for producing open mouth sacks. Some valve parts are available in warehouse not mounted and valve unit can’t be reinstalled. The seller doesn’t guarantee it and will include these available parts
Bottom width: 100 – 200 mm
With bottom patch 2 col. printing units
Sack length min-max: 520 – 1100 mm
Sack width min-max: 350 – 700 mm
Speed: about 130 sacks /min
There is a hot melt system that is not included and it won’t be supplied with the machine
The printer, bottom opening and bottom gluing were built on the movable side of the machine. There is no S-belt, press conveyor, or packetizer after the reject gate – E-cabinets are in a separate room quite far from the machine so there are long cables between the machine and cabinets
Visibile in production for open mouth sacks only
Availability: July 2022

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About W&H Bottomer AD 2360/22, year 1975

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