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Bottomer Kochsiek BL66 with automation ICOMA, Bundling station and pallettizer ICOMA mod  Icopal  o2. 520 Q
Telescopic feeder of 2004 for connection between the autoamzione system and the feeder
Sack lengths: 290- 950 mm
Sack width: 220- 550 mm
Bottom width: 70-160 mm
Distance between the bottom center: 220-790 mm
Speed: 280 pcs/min.
Two valves stations :
First valve station
type of valve 1-4
Unwinder : simple
Folding: 10-50
Cut in sheets: 180
Max reel dia of unwinder : 1300 mm
Sleeve dia: mm 76
Second valve station
type of valve 1-8, 14, 16, 22
Unwinder : double
Folding: 10-50
Max reel dia of unwinder : 1300 mm
Max reel dia of upper unwinder: 800 mm
Sleeve dia: mm 76
External sheets of paper
Max sheet width : 60 – 200 mm
Max reel dia. of unwinders : 1300 mm
Internal dia. of sleeve: mm 76
Flexographic printing unit:
3 printing units
Engraving roller width: cm 80
Valves type: simple reinforcement sheet,  simple reinforcement sheet folded feed side, double reinforcement sheet, simple valve tube, tube valve bent fill side, double pipe valve, prefabricated  pipe valve, reversing valve with cam perforation, PE pipe valve with backing sheet, combined valve with PE sealing lip, flap valve with cam perforation.
Functioning of the machine: rotative feeding, feed station main drive with waste diverter, bottom preparation station, bottom opening station, valve station 1 with one unwinding ,  valve 2  (cam perforation station) , gluing pasting station for the bottom, bottom closing station , outer bottom sheet (1 x on the fixed side and 1 x on the moving side respectively) with folding device, printing unit 3 stations, bottom overturning station with waste diverter, unwinding for external bottom sheets (respectively 1 x on the fixed side and 1 x on the mobile side), scales tape.
BUNDLE BINDING STATION of 2003 . Additional automation
system for strapping bundles of bags complete with Strapex binding machine
(this is a mobile plant on wheels that can be easily put on line when the customer asks for tied bundles
Pallettizer ICOPALof  2004: bundle centration, packet rotate station, packet alignment , packet positioning, layering , pallet alignment from 4 sides, empty pallet magazine , pallet table, pressure plate for pallets, empty pallet conveyor, pallet conveyor table , pallet conveyor  pre-press station, pallet conveyor (special equipment) , Paper layer (special equipment).  Sack formats: Length (L): min. 300 mm to max 1400 mm, Breath (B) min. 280 mm  to max 800 mm, Width of base (C): min. 70  to max 300 mm. Packet dimensions: height min. 30 mm to max 150 mm.  Made-up pallets   Length (L) min. 750 mm to max 1350 mm , breath (B) min. 750 mm to max 1350 mm, Height (H) unpressed  max 2500  mm (2300 mm), weight max 1600 kg.

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Bottomer  W&H AD 2360/16 with S-belt
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