Bottomer G&H mod 529, year 1980


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About Bottomer G&H mod 529, year 1980

   Bottomer G&H mod 529
          Year: 1980
          1 valve station
       No printer, but owner could deliver F522 printers but owner can’t confirm if they can be adapted. It must be done by the customer. Color 1 is original, color 2 is made in Argentina
       Bottom patch both sides (part 5 not operative)  Part 6 is the bottom of the sack that contains the valve. Part 5 is the opposite background. Part 6 normal maintenance only. Part 5  must be repaired and to see if there are missing parts. In the last 4 years, neither part was used
      Without reinforcement tape printers
      Min-max sack width: 300-550 mm (according to manual)
      Min-max sack length: 410-1150 mm  (according to manual)
      Bottom width: 70-120 mm  (according to manual)
      Min-max distance between centers: 320-1000 mm
      Speed: 130 sack/min
      Without vacuum and adhesive pumps
      The machine is stopped but connected. Can be placed in work with paper.
Delivery time: June 2021

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About Bottomer G&H mod 529, year 1980

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