Uteco Gold RR 612 year 1988


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Uteco Gold  RR 612
ear: 1988
2 colors
stack type
Max material width: 1220 mm
Max printing width: 1200 mm
Print repeats: 320-1200 mm
Hydraulic loading of the reels
Max reel dia: 1200 mm
Monoshaft unwinder
Rewinder Surf for max reel dia.: 1200 mm
Cutting by Circular blades
Rubber roll
Trim suction  Cavagna
Hoist for moving the cylinders
Electrical drying system
Foreseen the predisposition  for uv lamp
Electric drying
Stroboscope: NOT present
Winder shafts: 4 pieces
FIFE tape guide on rewinder: present
Resettable meter and piece counter: present
UV system: NOT present
Max speed (Mt / Min): 210
Material: Paper from 60 to 140 gr
Printing cylinders: 5
Sleeves cliché holder: Around 95 sleeves in total
Availability: immediately

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About Uteco Gold RR 612 year 1988

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