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Emerald 825 SIL
year 2001
8 +0 col. (color 4,5,6,7 can print UV because they are predisposed with calendar)
Max printing width: 800 mm
 Max passage width: 850
Print repeat: 285-600 mm
Max speed: 400 m/min.
With calandar
No viscosimeter
No washing system
With sleeve system
Drying system by electrical batteries
Each color has drying unit and aspiration hood
 Length of each aspiration drying hood for each colour: 1700 mm and the last color that is suitable to print by UV/varnish (just in case) is 3200 mm length.
supply air for each drying hood: supply air 4000 m3 / h and aspiration 4400 m3/h. And the last one (for UV just in case) is  6500 m3/ h supply air and 7000 m3/ h aspiration.
Solvent based and eventually  water based inks  (color boxes are not in  stainless steel because machine was projected  for solvents and UV colors)
Aut. Unwinder for max reel dia. Of 1000 mm
 Electromechanical lifting system for reels
Register control ELETROMAT
 aut. Rewinder for max reel dia. Of 1000 mm
With shifting web guide
mmediately available
Ideal for plastic and film printing and paper
 Machine was electrically refurbished by Uteco in year 2012
Registers are perfect
Materials: BOPP, PET, PE, PAPER
Tests are possible
 Sleeves: about 10 series included;
Overall dimensions: 29000 length x  6000 mm width x heigh 4200 mm on standard units (5000 mm heigh on the super extended drying unit ).
Total weight 7 tons for the units, unwinder 6 tons and rewinder 4 tons, super extended drying unit, 9 tons)
Machine is dismantled

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    Manzoni Nesaflex stack year 1983
    Omat mod. Derthona CLT 1000 x 100, year 1960

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