Filippini & Paganini super flexo, year 2001


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About Filippini & Paganini super flexo, year 2001

Filippini & Paganini
Stack type
Model Super flexo
Year: 2001
Completely refurbished
8 colors
With gears
Solvent based inks
Max web width: 1250mm
Min-max print width: 400-1210mm
Min-max print repeat: 350-1200mm
Motorized Longitudinal Register
Motorized cross register
Mechanical speed: 250 m/min
Printing speed: 150 m/min
Materials: LDPE, HDPE 15my-120my
Motorized positioning system
Hydraulic printing stations blocking system
Ink feeding with doctor blades
Max reel dia of single unwinder: 600 mm
Max reel dia of double turret rewinder: 600 mm
With air shaft
With web guide
Video camera
Ink pumps with tanks
Cliché thickness: 2,84 mm
Ceramic anilox rollers
No. of sleeves: 3x530mm, 4x570mm, 6x580mm, 16x600mm, 6x610mm, 9x620mm, 8x630mm, 10x650mm, 7x680mm, 11x700mm, 6x720mm, 6x740mm, 6x760mm, 8x780mm, 17x800mm, 7x820mm, 5x830mm, 8x850mm, 5x870mm, 4x930mm, 4x950mm
Gears for almost all sleeves
Drying system: electrical
Immediately available and visible in operation

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About Filippini & Paganini super flexo, year 2001

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