Uteco Topaz 608, model 130, year 2014


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About Uteco Topaz 608, model 130, year 2014

      Uteco Topaz 608
      Model 130
      Year: 2014
      6 colors (6+0)
      Max print width: 1320 mm
–      Max passage web: 1350 mm
      Print repeat: min-max: 350-850 mm
      Mechanical speed: 250 m/min (max)
      Water-based inks
      Ink system: closed chamber doctor blades
      The machine is explosion-proof
      Shaftless unwinder SAC-R- 1500 for paper and cardboard
      The maximum diameter is 1500 mm.
      The minimum permissible roll diameter is 450 mm.
      Unwinder control panel
–      Reel lifting system
      Pneumatic pumps: 6 pcs
      Paint trays: 6 pcs
–      LEL control by NIRA
–      Grafikontrol camera
      Drying system electrical
      OPG web edge control system (on the operator’s side)
      Materials: paper 70-100g/cm2, cardboard – up to 350g/cm2
      Tear off materials: 5-80 kg.
      The total thickness of the cliche (1.14 +0.56 mm.) The actual thickness of the tape can be up to 0.56 mm.
–      No cliche mounting plate device
      Shafts for printing sleeve 6 pcs.
      Non-antistatic sleeves Rossini: The available print repeat sleeves are: 580 mm. (1 set) OR 600 mm. (1 set)
      Reinforced sleeve slot 6 pcs.
      Shafts for anilox sleeve 6 pcs., outer diameter approx. 130 mm. (5.1 “) for anilox sleeve with 152 mm OD. (6”)
–     Anilox sleeve Cheshire 6 pcs, nominal outer diameter 152 mm.(6″)
–      2 air shaft mandrels of 76 mm
–    Shaftless unwinder for core 76 mm plus adopters for core 152 mm.
–    Shaft rewinder for core 76 mm plus shaft for core 152 mm.
–    Provision for GAMA viscosimeter sensors (to control inks viscosity)
–    Recuperation for driers to save heat
–    Possibility to connect with UTECO through the net in case you have any errors or for diagnosis
–    Connection table for reel change with vacuum (to ease the connection of material from new and old reel)
–    Some parts provided with the press by UTECO plus one spare motor.
    Banana roller FBF, AC motor drive, inverter controlled
    Circular knives cutting device Helios before rewinding: 5 pcs.
    Computer control. The system consists of an industrial computer equipped with an LCD SVGA color monitor and a touch keyboard.
    Operation manual
    Customer’s plant power supply: 380V ± 5%: with autotransformer included in the UTECO delivery.
     Power supply machine: voltage: 400 V -3 phases with earth (T) and neutral (N)
     Frequencies of main lines: 50 Hz ± 2%
     Additional voltage: 230 Volts 1 phase (Single phase line provided by UTECO automatic transformer)
     Visible in production
     Availability: End of July 2021
–    Dismantling up to the end of August

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About Uteco Topaz 608, model 130, year 2014

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