Uteco Topaz 608 GL, model 140, year 2010


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About Uteco Topaz 608 GL, model 140, year 2010

Uteco Topaz 608 GL with UV color on 6th colour
Model 140
Year: 2010
6 colors (6+0)
Min-max print width: 1410-1450 mm
Print repeat: 380-850 mm
Mechanical speed: 300 m/min (depends of type of material, type of inks etc)
Water based inks and UV (6th color)
Cliché thickness: 1,64
Semi automatic SA-U unwinder diameter mod.: 1000 mm
Automatic turret rewinder TA-R diameter: 1000 mm
Pneumatic pumps including washing system
Drying system by gas
Air shaft mandrels: SVECOM
Camera: BST
Corona treater: Ferrarini & Benelli
Cylinders and shrink sleeves: Rossini
Viscosimeters: Fasnacht, Gama
Register control: Grafikontrol , Eletromat, Zelo
2 air shaft mandrels of 76 mm
Cross register: manual 50 mm
6 closed chamber doctor blades
Pumps: 6+6
1 UV pump
Washing system
3 UV lamps ELMAG
1 pulling calender
Frame for the future installation of the videocamera for the control of printing by diagonal
Register control camera BST PROscan 4000 digital 3
Web guides
Banana roller
Slitter by circular blades before rewinder
Visible in production
Available in 2021

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About Uteco Topaz 608 GL, model 140, year 2010

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