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About Bonardi, year 2018


C.I. drum

Year: 2018

no. of colors: 6 (6+0)

Printing width: 1200 mm 

Max reel diameters of unwinder / rewinder: 800 mm

Internal core: 76 mm

Max passage width: 1250 mm 

Min-max print repeats: 350 – 800 mm

Speed: 250 m/min. 

With camera with motorized moving in a fixed position (no scansion) 

Drying system electrical by a tunnel  

Axial register set-up: 20 mm

Longitudinal register set-up: +/- 7 mm

Helical metric gears, pitch: 5 mm 

Frame of the printing unit thickness: 80 mm 

Diameter of central drum: 1400 mm

Diameter of anilox 131 mm

Individual detachment and simultaneous of the of the printing rolls

Electrical inking motors explosion proof

Ergonomic controls for the moving and size of the printing units

Safety brakes of the sleds for the rolls holding in the working position 

Thickness of the sleds in cast iron material 89 mm

Sleeve change system in the machine 

For paper: actually, is printing 60 gr paper 

Anilox fast change system  

3 stations equipped with doctor blades in carbon fiber BFT flexo

3 stations equipped with doctor blade in ALU

48 sleeves available

Pneumatic pumps 

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About Bonardi, year 2018

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