Uteco Onyx 876, model 120, year 2006


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Uteco Onyx 876
Model 120
   Year: 2006
8 colors (8+0)
    Material width: 1250 mm (min.: 50% of the max. material width and according to the “tension range”)
   Print width: 1200 mm
  Min-max print repeat: 350-760 mm
  Mechanical speed: 365 m/m
  Printing speed: depends on type of material; repeat of printing cylinders and clichés; inks, lacquers and solvents; required print quality; solvent retention level
   Materials: Gauge Polyethylene from 0.0008″ to 0.008″(max. width in this case 36″)(0,02 to 0,2 mm, max width 914 mm) , Polypropylene from 1 mil to 3 mil , No other material overcome 0.004″ (0,1 mm) on polyethylene
   Tension range: 2-35 kg
     Solvent based inks (the machine will be explosion-proof)
    Total plate thickness: 0.067″ + 0.020″ (2.2 mm)
   Power supply: 208 V, 3PH ± 5 % : with autotransformer supplied by Uteco
    Voltage: 400 V -three phases with ground (T) and without neutral (N
      Line frequency: 60 Hz ± 2%
      Automatic turret unwinder “TA-U 800
      Max reel diameter of unwinder: 800 m
  3 (2+1) pneumatic expandable shaft of 76 mm I.D
  2 shaft chucks by Svecom
  1 Edge guide Kamberoler
Two unwinding stations each one driven by an AC motor.
 Pneumatic dancing roll for the automatic control of the web tension.
 Side register, manually adjustable, 50 mm
 Aluminum idle rolls, dynamically balanced.
 Automatic turret rewinder “TA-R 800”
Max reel diameter of rewinder: 800 m
    2 shafts of I.D 76 mm and 2 shaft chucks by Svecom.
  Two rewinding positions each one driven by an AC motor
 Transmission to the color units through electronic shaft.
 1 edge guide shifting
 2 safety side doors, positioned between color units with safety microswitches
  Motorization of the central impression drum of the printing sleeve cylinders and of the anilox rolls by means of synchronous AC motors, brushless type
    The longitudinal register is motorized
  The side register is motorized operating directly on the union supporting the air mandrel. Max. correction range: ± 10 mm
  8 Closed chamber doctor blades with 8 splash guards.
  No sleeves and no anilox available.
 Double-diaphragm pneumatic pump, installed with ink inlet/outlet hoses
   Longitudinal blade slitting device composed of 3 blades
    Drying system: 2 hot air gas burners, 2 thermoregulations for gas burners, 2 manual air recirculation.
Video camera brand “BST ” type “SUPER HANDY SCAN 3000”
Mechanical speed: 365 m/m
Voltage: 400 V -three phases with ground (T) and without neutral (N)
Line frequency: 60 Hz ± 2%
Pneumatic dancing roll for the automatic control of the web tension

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About Uteco Onyx 876, model 120, year 2006

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