Uteco Coral 675 RR model 80TS year 1995


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About Uteco Coral 675 RR model 80TS year 1995

Uteco Coral 675 RR model 80TS, with central cylinder
in good technical condition and still in production, machine to watch at work
Production year: 1995, s/n 1294.
number of colours: 6,
Print width: do 780 mm
Foil Width 820 (850mm)
Type: sprocket (sprocket module DP16)
full anilox rollers 8 pcs
Repeats from 300 – 680 (800possible)
Sleeve rollers putted on printing rollers outside the machine
6 rollers- Mandrels under printing sleeves
Printing Sleeves: (299,2, 319,2 334,1, 384, 573,5, 683,3 mm all for thickness 2,54 mm)
3 sets of intermediate adapters
Repeats: 300 – 680 mm (17 x 6 sztuk sleeve)
Closed doctor chambers, closed ink circulation.
Pneumatic pumps
electrical drying
Max speed 200 m/min.
Video camera BST Handy Scan 2000.
Full documentation.
Diameters: L:9,4; W:2,8; H:4,4 m
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About Uteco Coral 675 RR model 80TS year 1995

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