Uteco Amber 609, Year: mid of 90′


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About Uteco Amber 609, Year: mid of 90'

Uteco Amber 609
Year: mid of 90′
6 colors
Material width: 1.250 mm
Print width: 1200 mm
Min-max print repeat: 330-1000 mm
Speed: 200 m/min
Cliché thickness: 2.54
Max reel dia of turret unwinder/rewinder: 800 mm
motorized movement of color element: 1 motor
drying unit: diathermic oil battery
in-line cutting system: manual
6 electric ink pumps
No viscosimeters
New supervisor with software Uteco
No camera
30 available cylinders   330/900/1000/1050/1100;
Chiller available
Visible in production
immediately available

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About Uteco Amber 609, Year: mid of 90'

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Bonardi Mira, year 2004
Soma Mod: Optima 820/8 EG, year 2017

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