SOMA FLEX MIDI 820-8-EG year 2005


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About SOMA FLEX MIDI 820-8-EG year 2005

Year: 2005
Complete refurbished in 2013
Number of color printing units: 8
Max. printing width: 820 mm
Max. web width: 850 mm
Min. web width: 300 mm
Printing repeat length: min – max: 300 mm unless otherwise stated in optional accessories (air mandrel dia. 89,243 mm, metal lock from printing length of 350 mm) – 800 mm
Printing repeat length setting: by 0,1 mm, correction of set printing repeat length +/- 2%
Anilox roller: inner diam. 136,989 mm, perimeter 500 mm, sleeve length 880 mm
8 pcs pneumatic steel cores of printing cylinders
8 pcs pneumatic steel core
8 pcs doctor blade chamber
Sleeves: 229 (8×300,310,320,340,350,360,365,380,390,400,415,420,430,440,450,460,480,500, 520,540,560,580,600,620,640,660,730; 6×325, 7×510)
Anilox cylinders: 20 pcs (1x60l 13ccm, 1x100l 14ccm, 1x120l 10ccm, 2x160l 8ccm, 2x220l 7,5ccm, 5x260l 6ccm, 1x390l 4,5ccm, 6x360l 4,2ccm, 1×370 4,2ccm)
Max. mechanical speed: 300 m/min
Tension in printed web: Non stop 40-360N, without automatic exchange 10-360N
Side of operating staff: on the left from longitudinal axis from unwinding to CI drum
Unwind / Rewind rolls:
Max. diameter: 800 mm
Inner core diameter: 76 mm (152 mm)
Outer core diameter: 105 mm (181 mm)
Max. roll weight: 750 kg
Min. roll diameter on flying splice: 500 mm
Unwinding max.speed at roll exchange on flying splice unwinding: 100 m.min (Speed at automatic exchange is guaranteed with TESA tape – Easy Splice 3M – series 999x and depends on quality and type of printed material).
Materials: LDPE 0.020 – 0.160 mm,  HDPE/OPP 0.012 – 0.100 mm, CPP 0.020 – 0.050 mm, BOPP, PET, OPA 0.010 – 0.025 mm, Paper 25 – 120 g/m2, Film Laminate 0.020 – 0.120 mm. Processing of different material is limited by maximum tension range of the press. Material has to have the right value of the surface tension for the printing.
Web guiding system prior to printing
Spreader roller prior to printing and rewinding
Corona treatment unit
Ink pumping system
Two-loops nozzle drying system, gas heating (heat exchanger)
Cooling unit
Web guiding system prior to rewinding
Web video inspection system: 1 chip digital camera system BST SHS 4000
Slitting unit: inline slitting unit with 3 pcs razor blades
Other: 1 set of spare parts for quick repair, 1 set of tools for quick repair and maintenance,  2 pcs documentation
Electrical installation requirements: press without drying system / incl. gas drying system: 110/148,2 kW
Power supply: 3 PE AC 50 Hz 400 V/TN-S
Cooling water requirements: cooling water max. 1,5  m3 at 15˚C, Δt =10˚C, pressure in cooling loop 0,3 Mpa. Central drum cooling is provided by own cooling system in closed loop.
Pressure air requirements: pressure air supply min. 0,60 MPa, max. 0,80 MPa, pressure air consumption  press max. 0,1 m3/h, pressure air consumption for pneum. pumps – 8 pcs, max. 2,5 m3/hod, short-time pressure air consumption at change of 1 sleeve at p = 0,65 Mpa   ca  420 Nl/min, max. 850 Nl/min,  pressure air consumption for INKSTORM system (during wash-up process) 3 m3.h-1
Dimensions (WxLxH): 3250 x 11600 x 4870 mm
Weight: ca. 40 000 kg
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